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Recordings of the sessions will be available 2-3 days after the live session.

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Break the Box: The Soulful Sunday Project


Azmera Hammouri-Davis, Sidney Tchanyoum, Charles Anderson, Tiffany Harrison

The Soulful Sunday Project was born when staff members came together at a camp to provide a space for students to learn and express themselves. This workshop will introduce you to the project.

Hip Hop and Criminal Justice Reform

April 28

Eduardo Svart, SaulPual, Bianca Neal

Learn how three artists and educators are making music in and about the prison systems in the US and Chile.

Healing Through Hip Hop: The Intersection of Art, Education, and Revolution in communities of Color

April 29

Jason Acosta & Vincent Deas

Learn about and engage in interactive activities that encourage the development of socio-emotional and pedagogical supports to inform educators how to position hip hop as a tool for learning.

Special Ed: I've Got it Made! Remixing the Myths of Disability from Deficits to Strengths

April 30 (pre-recorded session)

Katie Caster

Explore how to empower students with disabilities and remove the stigma of learning diversity in marginalized communities using Hip Hop to counter the existing narratives of deficit. 

#HAPPYVISM: Resistance Through Leaning Into Light

May 1

Ryan Parker & Justis Lopez

Join two educators and lyricists as they take you on a lyrical journey centered on acknowledging your joy, your light and the necessity of embracing your authentic self in the midst worldly turmoil as an act of resistance!

#MovementMonday: Hip Hop Dance in Higher Ed

May 4

Jazelynn Goudy & E. Moncell Durden

Join this cypher conversation with professors teaching Hip Hop dance in colleges across the country.

Hip-Hop Futurism: Elevated Frequency Binaural Beats Where Alchemy and Art Meet

May 5

Tasleem Jamila Firdausee

We will take a deeper look at the history and current state of music created with trailblazing futuristic sacred science and sound waves that promote infinite possibilities to re-invent the world.

Bring the Noise! Educational Impact of Rap & Art

May 6

Shon McCarthy, Ph. D.

Experience how rap music and arts transformed student engagement and academic progress in high school and college.

Involuntary Immigrant: Black Identity in America

May 7

James "SoSoon" Gantt

SoSoon will use video, rap and traditional storytelling to guide discussion around the black male experience in America.

#FortheCulture Friday: MCs Drop Bars & Knowledge

May 8

Red Shaydez & Randy Mason

Two MCs drop bars and knowledge, sharing their craft and passion for the culture. (Be ready for some freestyle magic.)



Keeping it FUNdamental with these artists & educators!


Azmera Hammouri-Davis

Artist & Educator

IG: @azmerarhymes

Azmera Hammouri-Davis | Harvard University Masters of Theological Studies ’20


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