Moving Together

Celebrating 4 Ways Hip Hop Moves Us

This year's conference is designed around four main theme areas listed below.  
Apply to present your amazing dope work that keeps us moving together!

MOVing Pictures

Film and photography have long played a critical role in documenting and disseminating hip hop culture—from the photography of Jamel Shabazz to music videos like Run DMC’s “Walk This Way” to movies like Beat Street. Today, artists use visual mediums to blur the lines between fine art and street art, proving that the two are not mutually exclusive.

Are you a filmmaker, photographer, visual artist, film critic/writer, or visual enthusiast who wants to explore the varied ways that hip hop has taken to our screens, both small and large? We’d love to see your short films, photography projects, or panel suggestions. We’re also open to learning more about hip hop acts and artists who use visual arts in their practice.

Sustainable MOVEment

Does your Hip Hop practice promote wellness or sustainability? We are calling for proposals from youth and adults who have a passion for embodying wellness with Hip Hop to share what they’re doing.

Next MOVEments

Does your presentation speak to the power of Hip Hop for social transformation and civic engagement? We invite proposals from youth and adults who are innovating through Hip Hop to connect the classroom to movements for justice around the world.

Money MOVEs

From Birth to Earth, money rules our daily lives.  We need to constantly enhance our understanding of finances and embrace our relationship with money so that it enhances our lives, not control it.  Join us in a variety of sessions where we cover the history of financial policy in America, dissect the financial concepts you need to know and behaviors you need to follow no matter where you are on your money journey, and discuss funky finances along with ways to finesse your net worth.

We invite you to submit a proposal to  share your expert views and insights about Financial Literacy and Wellness for our attendees.