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On & On -- The Flow

Check the calendar of events happening across the two days.  All events are free -- but let us know you're coming. Register below!

7th CSHH Day 2 Schedule.png

April 29 - day 2 schedule

Check the calendar of events happening across the two days.  All events are free -- but let us know you're coming. Register below!

FRIDAY, April 29

Catch any or all of the events that will kick-off the conference on Friday.  


EXplore the Hiphop Archive 

The Hiphop Archive and Research Institute, founded and directed by Professor Marcyliena Morgan, aims to inspire and support the fifth element of Hip Hop -- KNOWLEDGE.  Come learn how HARI supports artists, scholars, and educators in their quest to champion the culture -- its roots and its evolution.  We are excited to offer folks a tour of the space and engage in a conversation on the connections between Hip Hop music and social justice movements. Space is limited so arrive early! 

Speakers: Kimberly Lewis, Jazzmyn RED, and Justis Lopez.   

Hiphop Archive

Hutchinson Center

104 Mt. Auburn | Cambridge, MA | 02138

Space is limited. RSVP here.


EXperience the Classic Crates Collection


Ever wonder about the beautiful work that goes into an album and into sampling? Come see and engage with some of the classic Hip Hop albums that launched this collection.  This project was begun by DJ 9th Wonder as a partnership with the Hiphop Archive and Harvard's Loeb Music Library.  It is exemplary of arts-based, passion-driven research and ingenuity.  You will never underestimate all that goes into making an album again!

Gutman Conference Center

Harvard Graduate School of Education

6 Appian Way | Cambridge, MA | 02138


EXpress -- Opening Jam & Fireside Chat

It wouldn't be Hip Hop if we didn't have time for dancers, emcees, DJs, and the crowd to party.  You DO NOT want to miss this kick-off jam featuring performers and special intergenerational chat between The Real Young Prodigys and Cindy Diggs on the power of Hip Hop arts to inspire change.  

Featured performers: The Real Young Prodigys

Additional performers: Harvard Breakers, Edu Svart...and there's an open mic so maybe you'll show out too

Askwith Lecture Hall | Longfellow Hall

Harvard Graduate School of Education

13 Appian Way | Cambridge, MA


We keep the good vibes going on and on for Day 2!  We'll start off as a conference but will end up as a block party-inspired parking lot takeover!! Yup...we're gonna be outside!!!



Performers: TBA (hang tight)


Youth VS Elders PANEL

Don't worry, this won't be a battle royale.  Given we are commemorating 50 years of Hip Hop, it is fitting to have a keynote panel of intergenerational voices breakdown  how they view Hip Hop -- how their relationship with it began, what they believe the state of the culture is now, and where they hope to see it go. 

  • Featured youth speakers representing: The Real Young Prodigys, Hip Hop Youth Research & Activism, and DEAFintitely Crew

  • Featured elder voices: Rokafella, Toki Wright, and Byron Beam



In the words of Black Sheep: "The choice is yours -- you can't get with this or you can get with that."  Select a workshop to join and engage in.  THIS IS THE ONLY WORKSHOP BLOCK meaning, these amazing interactive conversations and experiences are all going to happen at the same time and for one time only.  This is why you want to come with a friend (or five) so you can go to different sessions and then chop it up afterwards.  Don't worry, they are all dope! Peep the selection: 

Roots & Techniques of Classic Hip Hop Dance 101 

Rokafella & Kwikstep

The Youth Got it

The Real Young Prodigys and Hip Hop Research & Activism

Sneaker Stories

Paul Willis & Laa Tiendaa

Join a panel of industry leaders who will share about sneaker history, the local to global impact of sneaker culture and the future of art, design, tech, and community engagement. You'll also have an opportunity to share your sneaker stories and create connections to an industry that was started here in Boston. Panelists: Gabi and Jay, Co-Owners of LaaTiendaa Malden,  Edgard Arty, Creator and Founder or Sneaker Greet, Winston Henderson of Culture Techie. Moderated by: Paul Willis Managing Director, BAMS Fest

Movers & Shakers: Profiles in Hip Hop Entrepreneurship

Aaron Myers, Christine Ho, Fadayz & Cjaiilon "Snap Boogie" Andrade

In the spirit of "making a dollar outta 15 cents," this session highlights some prominent examples of how innovation in Hip Hop has fueled multi-billion dollar businesses from FUBU to Beats by Dre.  Listen and learn from established dancers from the Boston street and club dance community who have Hip-Hop inspired businesses.  Panelists: Christine Ho of Sewpreme Seams, Fadayz of Fadayz Designz  & Cjaiilon "Snap Boogie" Andrade. Moderated by Aaron Myers

The Massachusetts Hip-Hop Archive and the Hip-Hop Archives Movement

Pacey Foster, Smok n Strok, Rob Stull

Learn how the MHHA is part of a global hip-hop archives movement that centers community while also navigating the opportunities and challenges of doing this in partnership with institutions. Come check out some items from the collection, hear incredible stories on Massachusetts’ Hip Hop history, and interact with folks from the communities doing this work.  

Hip Hop Therapy

Beats, Rhymes & Life Boston

Creating Spaces of Authenticity, Activism, and Learning Through Hip Hop

Bridgeside Cypher and Honesty Hour

Leaders of the New School: Scenarios

Toki Wright, Tony Simmons, Tim Jones & Dr. Tyra Good 

When we say “New Schools” we are talking about schools as reimagined learning ecosystems that go beyond a traditional school building. This discussion will delve into the question of “Who should be considered leaders of the new schools?” Then we will look at various scenarios that should impact and influence present and future school operation and design. Hip Hop Pedagogy focuses on collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication.  These are also aspects of songwriting, music production, creative entrepreneurship, event planning, and developing inclusive groups. These skills will be on full display when Toki Wright, Berklee College of Music, Tony Simmons, High School for Recording Arts/4Learning, and Dr. Tyra Good, Elms College, come together for this amazing session. Timothy Jones, HipHopEd will serve as moderator for this engaging and enlightening conversation.



Explore the surrounding food spots to nourish yourself for the afternoon -- you're going to need that energy!



Enjoy and engage outdoors with community mural, performance, demos, and workshops and all-around-good vibes facilitated by and featuring --  A Trike Called Funk, Floor Lords, DEAFinitely Crew, Beats Rhymes & Life Boston, Rokafella Kwikstep, The Real Young Prodigys, Paul Willis, Edu Svart, and more. Detailed schedule coming.



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