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A day of workshops, performances, and featured speakers

Join us in person or virtually

9:30-10:00AM EST


Opening Remarks -- Aysha Upchurch, HipHopEX Founder & Director

Performances -- Jarvis Subia & Randy Mason 

10:00-11:15AM EST

Hear Hip Hop artists and educators from across the country share how they are holding down the culture for tomorrow through innovation right now

Panelists: Pinqy Ring, Chazzlyn Jackson, Brandon Foster, Dyalekt

Moderator: Manny Faces

11:30AM-12:45PM EST

  • Michaelangelo Hayes - The Hip Hop Sensei: Infusing Anime and Hip Hop Culture for Black Students in the Pandemic and Beyond

  • Dr. Jenelle Robinson - HBCUS, STEM, and HIP HOP

  • Unlearn the World - CROWNS Of The Culture - A Case Study In Hip Hop Creativity

  • NyRee Clayton-Taylor & The Real Young Prodigys -- Pandemic, Protest, and Policy Change: Hip Hop Performance for Social Change and Activism

  • Alice Tsui - Hip Hop is Community at New Bridges Elementary



  • 10K Movement

  • Pinqy Ring

2:30-3:30PM EST

  • Jonah Scott - Rhythmic Mind's Freestyle Therapy Cypher™: Exploring The Therapeutic Impact of Freestyle Rhyme

  • Jian Jones - We Gon’ Be Alright: Empowering Students Through Hip-Hop Identity

  • Beats Rhymes & Life - Flow Cab

  • Brian Mooney - Hip-Hop Design Research: Flipping Samples to Remix the Future of Education

  • Dani Criss - Ancestral Tools: Reclaiming the Art of Social Dancing for Past, Present, and Future Generations

4:00-5:15PM EST

  • James Miles, Vinson Johnson, J Rawls & John Robinson - Gotta Stay Fresh

  • B Styles - What about Peace?

  • Rob Nice - Rap Seminar: Bridging Lyricism and Statistical Analysis

  • Hip Hop Youth Research & Activism Youth Leaders - Hip Hop Heals: Redefining Hip Hop through Love, Empathy, and Self-Actualization 

  • Minh-Tiến Nguyễn - Good Morning Vietnam and Good Night Saigon

5:30-5:45PM EST


  • Urban Word NYC

  • The Real Young Prodigys



The Cambridge Hip-Hop Collective closes out the day in an interactive music-making celebration with and for all conference presenters and attendees.

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